Doomsday Preppers

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Doomsday Preppers

The world is at an interesting crossroads, giving rise not just to “preppers,” but Doomsday Preppers.  Some folks are still doing relatively well.  Others are severely impacted by rampant unemployment and struggling to make ends meet.  Those who have sufficient financial padding are somewhat insulated still from the harsh realities others face.  Those operating at or near the margins are experiencing concerns only previously experienced by folks in “other” parts of the world.   Just the sheer sudden rise in Doomsday preppers videos evidences the fact that something is going on.

Doomsday Preppers v. Non-Preppers

Ironically, those enduring some of what is already happening often tend to be more inclined to anticipate, if not make ready for, what could still come.  There’s no doubt that some prefer to “eat, drink & be merry,” as though our privileged standard of living will never change.  To them, those who are preparing for a rainy day, so to speak, are not unlike the man who packed his barns full, was confident in his self-reliance, and lost his life that very night.  Meanwhile, there are Doomsday Preppers who own gas masks, practice “maneuvers,” and have escape routes in all four compass directions leading away from their home.  They would assert that they are merely using wisdom, reading the writing on the wall and taking steps of stewardship and responsibility.

The Case For Doomsday Preppers… Or At Least Some Degree Of Prepping

No matter how you slice it, the planet is in undeniable instability and tumult.  There is a widespread and near universal disdain for fiat currencies and relative affection for precious metal and things of real value.  There is growing discontent with public servants who serve… themselves.  Previously timid populations are rising up and overthrowing dictators.  “Occupy” movements are gaining traction as dissatisfaction surges, even in the United States.  Major corporations fail or commit fraud.  Doomsday Preppers, if nothing else, are not responding absent concerns.

It’s Not Just Man-Made Messes On The Minds Of Doomsday Preppers

And the problems are not just political or economic.  Natural disasters and unpredictable climatic events suggest there may no longer be any such thing as “normal” weather.  Crop failures threaten food supplies.  Developing nations demand more meat, putting pressures on supplies.  Bee populations are inexplicably depleted.  Non-hybrid (“heirloom”) seeds that reproduce after their kind are displaced by hybrid varieties proffered by major corporations, the reproductive capacity of which is dubious.  Doomsday preppers have plenty to motivate them to greater self-sufficiency.

Concerns Are Both Varied & Valid Among Doomsday Preppers (And Their Less-Excited Counterparts)

Uncertainty among Doomsday Preppers may just be an understatement.  Some expect the DOW to go to 20,000.  Others are banking on 6,000.  What’s striking, in any event, is the vast number of folks taking action for one reason or another, whether all-out, fully-qualified “Doomsday Preppers,” or just folks anticipating “hard times.”  For some, “doomsday” may be linked to the Mayan calendar.  For others, it may be the soon, indeed, imminent return of Christ.  A variant of that theme is the concern, rather, that an Anti-Christ will rule and reign and there will be great tribulation.  Still other folks may just be concerned about the death of the U.S. Dollar, widespread sovereign debt crises, and the looming threat of hyperinflation.  Amplified civil unrest could lead to riots and even martial law.  Doomsday Preppers may come in various flavors, but they are all prompted by a multitude of real-world concerns to improve their readiness for whatever happens next!

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